Monday, February 17, 2020
Satellite Communications
Communication Satellites
Communication Satellites
Amtech, Inc. - has serviced the TVRO/DTH, CATV, MMDS and SMATV industry since 1984.
Antcom Corporation - satellite communication company specializing in antenna and microwave device products. Technical consulting and near-field measurement services available.
Applied Analogue Systems Ltd
Aurastar Information Systems, Inc. - specializes in providing software products and regulatory consulting services for the planning of telecommunications infrastructures worldwide.
Bay Star Satellite Communications
Canadian Satellite Communications Inc - Canadian distributor of satellite-based broadcast signals and specialist in satellite communications for business.
Centerpointe Satellite Systems, Inc. - offers satellite receiver installation, service, sales for video conferencing, commercial installations, and the Dish Network.
Central Coast Uplink - brings satellite and microwave uplink services to the West Coast.
Challenger Unicom - satellite uplinks and downlinks. worldwide services headquartered in Rome, Italy.
CLA SatCom - offering satellite telephone service for digital voice, data, and fax transmissions.
Coit Com, Inc. - DirecPC and satellite business communications systems installation and sales.
Columbia Communications Corporation - provides domestic and international voice, data, and video services between Asia, North America, and Europe.
Crosat Telekommunikation GmbH - supplier of satellite & radio technology.
Cue: The Satelite Radio Network - variety of services offered in the US and Canada.
Danby Satellite & Aerial Systems
Digicom SA - VSAT, Internet access, and network connection services.
Digital Satellites - offers DirecPC high speed 400 Kbps satellite connection to the Internet. Are you tired of waiting for DAYS while your download completes? We have your solution. We also offer Home and RV DirecTV DSS units, and DISH Network systems.
Digital Telecommunications Systems, Inc. - telecommunications systems integrator specializing in satellite communications, ranging from INTELSAT standard A's to 18" DSS home TV.