Monday, February 17, 2020
Area 51
Area 51 Images

Welcome to the Satelite.Com Area 51 information page. Through this page, you can access images, flythrough, and other information concerning Area 51. A Brief History of Area 51 Located in North Las Vegas, Nevada, the primary mission of Nellis Air Force Base is the training of pilots and flight crews in realistic air combat exercises. The vast, Connecticut-size Nellis Range Complex, north and west of Las Vegas, is attached to the base. It contains at least two secret bases, Groom Lake and the Tonopah Test Range (TTR), both used for the testing of advanced technologies. Area 51, located in between the Nellis Air Force Bombing and Gunnery Range, in Rachel, Nevada, is home to Groom Lake, where a top-secret Air Force base is located. Many top-secret projects take place here (which don't stay top-secret for long). Groom Lake is the supposed testing grounds of Project Aurora, the Air Force's replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird and F-117a Stealth Fighter spy planes. Area 51 is also one of the three supposed places parts of the UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico were shipped to. Area 51 Resources Large Groom Lake AFB Image Image showing Groom Lake AFB. Flythrough of Groom Lake AFB - MPG Format. 3 Dimentionaly flythrough of the large Groom Lake Image above in MPG format. Groom Lake AFB Hangars Image showing hangars at Groom Lake AFB. Area 51 Map Map showing the Area 51 site. Groom Lake AFB Map & Image Map and image of Groom Lake AFB. Area 51 General Map Map showing the relationship of Nellis AFB and Area 51. Area 51 General Map Map Nellis AFB, Area 51, and the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. Regional Nellis Map Map showing regional view of Nellis. Coverage Map Map showing flight path of Kometa satellite.